The Inspection
Our home inspection is a thorough in-depth visual examination of the structure and operating components of the home. Please allow 2-3 hours to complete the inspection. We at Assured Home Inspections understand that most homes have some issues.
It is our goal to explain what is common for the age of the home and/or what may be a more serious issue.

Rest ASSURED, our inspectors will leave you well informed.
The Home Inpection Summary
Exterior Components
---Its effects on the foundation
Siding, exterior trim, windows and doors
---General condition of each
Roof, chimney, flashing, valleys etc.
---Evidence of water penetration, materials, condition
Gutters and downspouts
---General condition, effects of dampness on basement and its ability to carry off rainwater.
Driveways, patios, deck and porches
---General condition of each.
Air conditioner compressor
Electrical outlets and light fixtures
Hose bibs

The Home Inpection Summary
Interior Components
Walls, floors, ceilings and windows
---General condition of each
Plumbing system
---All visible fixtures, pipes and drains tested for operation
Electrical system
---Outside entrance wiring, service panel and visible wiring inspected. and accessable switches and outlets
Heating system
---Visible portion of heating source and components.
---Visible roof sheathing, ventilation, insulation and framing.
---Foundation soundness and evidence of moisture penetration.
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