We at Assured Home Inspections have
22 years of experience in new home construction and remodeling.
Our inspectors have received the
highest degree of training.

We follow the State of Illinois standards of practice to provide the most professional
inspections in the industry.

Assured Trust
As an Illinois licensed and insured inspection company, our inspectors have access to more resources, construction knowledge and experience than most of our compitition.

We are available 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm ,
and with a flexable schedule to be available at a moments notice.

Our 35 to 45 page reports are computer generated on site.
They are easy to read and follow with pictures and
accurated descriptions of all important issues.

When purchasing or selling a home,
it will be one of the largest
investments you will make.

Whether your home is newly built or 50 plus years old, a propety inspection is a MUST in today's real estate market. New siding, paint or even new shingles could be hiding serious structual problems. By choosing Assured Home Inspections, you are protecting your investment with a professional, quality home inspection. An Assured Home Inspection covers from basement (crawl space) to roof, looking for clues that can prevent future costly repairs. Our inspectors will uncover any issues and investigate them thoroughly. After our inspection, you will have the KNOWLEDGE you need to make an informed decision on your investment.

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